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Media area - an overview

The Media area is the central media library for your images and files. You can upload anything you need to create and design your forms to this area.

The order in which you do this is not important. You can upload your files before creating your first form, so that you can access them immediately during form creation. Or you can upload them only when you create a form or are working on your designs. Whatever strategy you choose, you will always find your uploaded files in this area.

As with the ‘Forms’ area, you can create a folder structure that suits the way you work. You can organise your files by your topics, teams or events, for example.

Read on for an introduction to this important area.


This is the default view when you navigate to the Media area:

Screenshot of the Media area with folders, media and the numbers 1 to 11.

In the left-hand navigation area, the Media library folder is the first entry in the list and the parent folder for all other folders. You cannot move or delete this folder. If you expand the folder, you will see all of the folders that you have created. This lets you navigate quickly between your folders.
If you click a folder, any subfolders in the folder are then displayed. The New folder button gives you the option of creating additional folders, which are then also listed here.

This breadcrumb trail shows the path to the folder where the files that you are currently viewing are located.

You can use the search function to search for files.
Please note that this search is restricted to the folder that you have selected in the left-hand navigation area (and any subfolders it may contain).
If you want to search through all of your folders, click Media library in the left-hand navigation area before starting your search.

The New folder button gives you the option of creating a new folder.

You use Upload file to upload new files to your media library. These files are shown in the overview immediately after uploading.

The default sort mode for files and folders shown here is alphabetical ascending. You can specify a new sort order by clicking on the Name, Type, Last change and Size column headers.

You can also add comments to both folders and files. This information can be useful for your team colleagues, for example, and the comments are shown here in the overview.

The Type column lists the file extensions of the files you upload. This means you can easily identify the file format.

The Last change column shows you the last time changes were made to the file.

The Size column shows you the file size.

You use the context menu link in the column Actions to perform various actions for your folders and files.Go to the following section to find out more.

You use the context menu link to perform various actions for your folders and files. The following actions are available:

Action Description
Edit Click Edit if you want to change the name or add/edit the comment.
Move Click Move to move folders or files to a different folder. You can either create a new folder or select an existing folder.
Display uses Click Display uses to find out about the forms where the file is used.
Delete You can delete folders and files that you no longer need (this moves them to the recycle bin). To do this, click Delete. Find out more here: Deleting files.