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Resending pending invitations

If your user has lost their invite, you need to resend it. Formcentric makes this easy to do.

The Users area is shown. The available actions in the context menu link are visible. An arrow points to Resend invitation.

  1. To send out the invitation again, go to the Admin centre by clicking your profile icon and then clicking Admin centre.
    This shows you an overview of all users with a registered Formcentric account. This overview also lists users who have not yet accepted their Formcentric invitation. These users have the label ‘- not verified’.
  2. To send out an invitation again, click the user’s context menu link under Actions and then click Resend invitation.
  3. In the dialog box that pops up, confirm the resending of the invite by clicking Resend invitation.

You have now resent an invite with a link to register.