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Viewing submission details

As explained in the article Submission area - an overview, this section provides you with a summary of all submissions received for a form.

Once a form is filled out and submitted, the corresponding submission appears directly here.

If you wish to examine the details of a submission more closely, you can also view them individually. To do this, click on the submission in the overview of all submissions for which you would like to see the corresponding dataset

The submission will be displayed as a single view, where you can see the form data on the left side. Here, you will see the respective labels of the form elements, along with the input made into the form directly below.

On the right side, you will see the metadata of the respective submission.

You can manage the status of the submission using the Change status button above the metadata. You can navigate through the individual submissions using the arrow keys directly next to it.

Would you like to delete a submission? Then click on Delete submission below the form data.