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Why do I need to add a domain before I can embed my forms?

Before you can actually embed a form in websites, you need to go to the Organisation area in Formcentric and add the corresponding domain or subdomain (without ‘https://’).

Once you have done this, you can embed Formcentric forms on the domain or subdomain.

This procedure is used because of important considerations relating to security and data protection. One of these factors is the CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) specification that applies to web browsers. CORS sets out the situations in which websites should or should not load resources from other domains. So, if a domain is not specified, CORS problems could occur and then prevent the form from working properly.

Another aspect is security. Entering a domain ensures that your forms can only be embedded on trustworthy websites. This protects your forms against potential misuse and ensures that the data submitted is sent only to secure locations.