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Translating forms

You can create a translation of an existing form if you want to make your form available in another language. The form to be translated is copied and linked to the new form.

You can then translate the new form. You can of course also adjust your form fields to suit different requirements – if this is needed because of localisation, for example. To find out more about form translations, see our post Providing a form in several languages.

Screenshot of the Create form dialog window. Below this, an arrow points to a screenshot with the Translate form dialog window.

To create a form translation, proceed as follows:

  1. Click Forms on the top menu bar.
  2. Then click New form at the top right of the screen.
    The Create form dialog window appears.
  3. Click Translate form.
    The Translate form dialog window appears.
  4. Click in the field below Translation of to search for the form that you want to translate.
  5. Edit the form name in the Name field, as required.
  6. In the Language drop-down list, pick the language into which your form will be translated.
  7. Optional:You can also include a comment in the Description field. This is only used internally and not shown to form users. This gives you a single point of storage for notes for form editors, for example, which are then always accessible.
    To view the description, access the form’s General settings by clicking Settings on the form edit page at the top of the screen.
  8. Optional:
    Select the folder to save the form into. You can also create a new folder, as required. For instructions, please see Creating folders for forms.
    Whether you save the form to a specific folder or not, you can always find your new form in All forms.
  9. To finish translating the form, click Translate form.

You have now created a translation. Your new form opens in the Editor, where you can now start working on it.

Your new form can be found under Forms, in the default All forms folder.

If you selected or created a save folder for your form while creating it, you will also find the new form in that folder.