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Possible statuses for a form

A form has one of several statuses.

You can view the current status for a form in the overview in the Forms area.

There are 4 statuses.

Screenshot of the Forms area with an orange frame around the forms listed there.

  1. Draft
    All new forms have the Draft status. This is the status that a form has as you create it in the Editor. When you have finished creating the form and want to share it, you must publish the form by clicking Publish.
  2. Published
    When you publish a Draft form, the form is then given the Published status. A form must have this status before you can share the form with a link or embed it in a web page.
    You can use the context menu link in the column Actions to withdraw the form and cancel its publication. The form then has the Draft status again.
  3. Being edited
    A form that is being edited has the Being edited status.
  4. Unpublished changes
    When you start editing a published form, the form’s status changes from Published to Unpublished changes.
    But don’t worry: you can carry on editing your form because changes are not made live immediately. Changes are only applied – and therefore become publicly visible – when you click Publish.