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Sometimes, it may be necessary to provide users with additional information, such as a price list or a more detailed help file. If you do not want to include this information directly on your form, then you can use the Button form element instead. This allows you to include any JavaScript action you want in your form, which will be executed when users click the button.

As examples, you could include a ‘Price list’ or ‘Help’ button in your form. When users click the button, a new window opens with your information presented in it.

The formelement button is shown.

Adding Button

  1. In the Structure area, click the green plus sign.
  2. Navigate to General →Page elements and click Button.
    You can now see the form element you’ve just added in the form tree.
  3. On the right, under Edit Button, you can now adjust the settings for your new form element as required.

Property Description
Label Enter a piece of text that should be displayed on the button.
Technical name
Each form element that is added to a form is automatically assigned a unique name – known as the ‘technical name’ – by Formcentric. This name is based on the designator for the form element.

Alternatively, you can generate the technical name from the label. To do this, click New from label. Find out more about the technical name.
Here you have the option of adding some text to your button that gives users information about what the button does when they click it. The default behaviour is to show this text when users move the mouse cursor over the button.
OnClick You use the onclick event handler to execute a JavaScript action when the button is clicked, so as to open a price list in a new window, for example.